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Fast, Affordable Hemp & CBD Industry Financing

The hemp and CBD industries are growing strong, but the capital you need to operate and grow your business is hard to come by since most banks won’t provide the financing.

That is where Loanviser can help. Consider us your hemp and CBD business financing concierge that will source the best financing options from our lending partners that specialize in servicing the hemp and CBD industries.

From debt based flexible capital and revolving lines of credit to longer term equipment financing or real estate loans to purchase land or buildings, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll do the leg work to put the best options at your fingertips so you can focus on your business. Best of all, our service doesn’t cost you a dime.

Experienced lenders provide a higher level of service and focus on only one thing. Getting you a great deal that fits your needs quickly and efficiently.

Take advantage of a variety of credit, revenue and asset based hemp and CBD financing options with low rates and long terms.

Even better, cash in on Section 179 tax deductions by writing off $1 million dollars of qualifying equipment in the first year if you are buying equipment.*

Purchase a physical location, add new agricultural, lab or extraction equipment, outfit your dispensary or build out your retail store. If you use it for business, we can finance it.

We’ll match you up with the best lending option that will provide top notch service with a range of financing options so you don’t get inundated with phone calls.

If you are ready to get the financing you need to move forward contact us for a free, no obligation consultation by filling out our short form. We are standing by and ready to serve!

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Flexible Financing

Equipment, cash, revolving credit lines, real estate financing, vendor financing and more

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Apply in minutes, get approved in hours and receive your funds in days, not months

Plenty of Options

Enjoy $0 down payment, deferred payments and 100% financing on equipment and conventional, private and investment funds for real estate.

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  • Cannabis Business Financing FAQs

    Q: What options do I have for finding financing for my cannabis, hemp or CBD business?

    A: Current options fall into a few general categories. Private investment funds, hard money lenders, banks & credit unions and investors.


    Q: If banks and credit unions are lending to the cannabis industry, how come I can’t find them anywhere?

    A: Most banks and credit unions did not start as pure cannabis lenders and are still regulated by the federal government. As traditional institutions move into the industry they are quiet about it and don’t really advertise. We have to find them via direct contact or through our network of partners.


    Q: How does the Loanviser process work?

    A: Unlike other services, we don’t think having you bombarded by phone calls and emails from many lenders at once is a great experience for anyone. As such, we review your information, determined what your best first option might be and match you with one option at a time. If the first option doesn’t pan out, we continue to match you up with one option at a time until all are exhausted. Please note that new partners join our network every month so options are always expanding.


    Q: What do I need to get qualified for financing for my cannabis, hemp or CBD based business?

    A: It depends on the type and amount of financing you are looking for. You can use the following information as a general guideline. Programs usually require a personal guarantor but not in every situation.

    • Non-secured capital loans: You need a minimum of 6 months time in business, 3 months of bank statements and $12,000 per month in revenue.
    • Asset backed equipment financing: You need a minimum of 6 months time in business, 3 to 6 months of bank statements and above average credit.
    • Real estate financing: You need a minimum of 6 months time in business, 3-6 months of bank statements, above average credit and the loan to value must be 70% or lower.


    Q: What type of documents will I need to apply for financing?

    A: Required documents vary depending on the type of financing your company is seeking. For a list of the documents related to your request, along with helpful templates you can download, visit our Financing Documents & Templates page. Also, our partners may require that you fill out their official application if they are interested in funding your project.


    Q: We are a pre-revenue startup in need of financing. Can you help?

    A: Sometimes. We do have partners that will look at startups. But you will still need to have some resources in place, a solid business plan, experienced leadership and potentially some previous investment.


    Q: Do you work with brokers or just direct lenders?

    A: Our partner network includes both direct lenders and brokers. If you are a broker that needs help financing your clients we are happy to help. If you are a broker with cannabis lenders and would like to join our partner network, contact us today to get the conversation started.


    Have a question that you don’t see here? Contact us and we’ll get you the answers you are looking for!

  • Equipment Leasing versus Loans


    There is a lot more to an equipment purchase than just the cost of the equipment itself. Considerations like depreciation, tax deductions, maintenance and flexibility are critical to determining the best financing options for your business.


    The easiest way to break down the difference is to outline how leasing is different from a loan.


    Leasing Equipment


    • Write off your entire purchase in the first year instead of depreciating a portion each year over multiple years. (See current Section 179 information for limits updated yearly)
    • Improves your balance sheet.
    • Provides options for the end of lease depending if you want to own the equipment or walk away and purchase new equipment.
    • Can be less expensive up front.
    • Increases the types of equipment you can purchase.
    • Often no down payment or collateral is needed.
    • Application process is often simpler.

  • What is Section 179?


    Section 179 of the U.S. tax code allows your business to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased and put into use in during the tax year from your gross income.


    How is that Different?


    Under traditional financing rules your would normally depreciate a portion of your equipment over a number of years instead of the entire purchase in the year one.


    How Much Can I Write Off?


    Currently you can write off up to $1 million dollars in the first year, with 100% bonus depreciation also currently available, bringing the cap to $2.5 million.


    Are there Any Other Limits?


    There are additional details you will want to know. Once we connect we can run through everything you need to know about Section 179.

  • Why Should I Offer Financing?


    Don’t leave your customers at the mercy of big banks or having to spend time wading through the myriad of financing options available. Too much friction causes consumers to abandon the process or seek out a vendor that will take on that burden on their behalf. Close more deals by working closely with a financing partner to close the hole in your sales funnel.


    Why Don’t I Just Work Directly with Banks?


    Business owners with perfect credit and cash flow will often contact their bank directly for financing. Their lending profile, history and relationship with the bank will get them a solid deal. Those customers are only a fraction of your potential base, so you’ll need to find options for segments the banks won’t finance.


    On top of that, it takes a great deal of work to identify, contact, profile and manage a multitude of financing partners that takes away from your time running your business.


    Why is Loanviser a Better Option?


    Simple, we do the hard work of contacting and qualifying lenders for our network. When you work with us, we’ll have a variety of options to help you finance the greatest number of equipment buyers while you focus on your core business.


    Want to Learn More?


    We’d love to fill you in on all the details. Fill out the form below and our cannabis vendor equipment financing specialist will reach out right away.



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If you are in need of other services we are happy to provide you with a referral. Let us know what you need below and we'll send you an introduction. (select all that apply)