Loan Amount
$100,000 to $50 Million
Repayment Terms
12 to 60 Months
Fast Funding
As Fast as 2 to 3 Weeks
Max. Loan to Value
Up to 75% LTV

Fast, Affordable Financing for Your Cannabis Industry Customers

If you are selling equipment to cannabis companies, securing financing for your customers can be a headache. Searching for various lenders to fit a wide variety of credit profiles takes valuable time away from your sales and service activities.

When you work with our team, we’ll take the pain out customer financing by doing the leg work for you. As a value added services, we’ll even build a branded web page at where your customers can apply for financing in minutes!

Our partner network of cannabis, hem and CBD industry equipment lenders gives you more options, instant competition and a larger window of equipment and credit profiles financed. We act as your financing concierge, and our services don’t cost you a dime.

As a result, you close more deals faster to grow your business. More happy customers means your business will thrive, not just survive.

Contact us today to discuss how our cannabis equipment vendor financing programs can help you generate more sales and revenue for your business.

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    Finance New & Used Equipment

    Our lenders have a wide variety of programs to finance your customer’s equipment purchase. Traditional loans, equipment financing agreements (EFA), equipment leases, fair market value leases (FMV), dollar buyouts, walk-a-way financing and more.

    Leverage Financing Options to Increase Sales

    When lenders compete, your customers win (and so do you!). A wide variety of programs and repayment options will result in more of your customer’s getting approved. Rapid financing means you can sell more equipment more quickly.

    Flexible Terms & Repayment Options

    Your customers will enjoy the flexibility of $0 down payment, deferred payments, 100% financing, step up or down payments and seasonal payments with no prepayment pentalty. Spread out the payments over a variety of time frames to craft the perfect repayment plan.

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