Loan Amount
$50,000 to $25 Million
Repayment Terms
12 to 60 Months
Affordable Rates
Rates as Low as 8%
Max. Loan to Value
Up to 75% LTV

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HANS Premium Water manufactures various forms of water treatment equipment including reverse osmosis, softeners, pre-treatment equipment, and deionization. HANS has grown to be the preferred water treatment method within the cannabis industry and has helped numerous grow facilities maximize yield and quality of their crops.

We are proud to offer financing options for customers looking to defray the cost of their HANS Premium Water equipment. Our team will work hard to source the best financing options from our lending partners that specialize in servicing the Cannabis and Hemp industries.

From traditional equipment finance agreements and a variety of equipment leases to flexible capital we’ve got you covered. We do the leg work to put the best options at your fingertips so you can focus on your business. Best of all, our service doesn’t cost you a dime.

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Why your grow business needs a HANS Premium Water system

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in your marijuana grow operation. Don’t trust it to water that comes straight from the tap.

Ordinary potable water might be OK for your houseplants or garden, but not for your business. Additives designed to purify municipal or well water can affect the appearance and quality of your marijuana crops, building up in the soil and causing plants to turn brown or fail regulatory tests.

Cultivating high-quality marijuana requires water that’s virtually free of chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and contaminants.

That’s why you need a HANS Premium Water system. HANS’ energy-efficient reverse osmosis systems remove the chlorine, sediment and bacteria that can harm marijuana plants. You’re left with water that’s clean, pure and ready for the nutrients you add to make your crop a success. A HANS system enables a more accurate and consistent nutrient mix to ensure your plants are getting a precise dose of what they need to prosper.

Advantages of a HANS system:

  • We offer our clients a zero-term leasing option which helps you minimize your upfront capital expenses, and the service/maintenance is handled by us so you can focus on the most important aspects of your grow.
  • Wastes less water. State-of-the-art recirculation technology allows you to recover up to 95% of incoming streams, saving money and the environment. Other reverse osmosis systems only recover half of the water they use.
  • Always up to date. Thanks to software updates that are sent over the air, your equipment updates as effortlessly as your smartphone.
  • Small footprint. HANS systems’ take up less space than competing units, since they don’t need secondary storage tanks. That frees you to put your square footage to better use.
  • Flexible. HANS’ modular design allows you to scale your system as your business grows.
  • Energy-efficient. Marijuana growing is an energy-intensive process. But HANS’ units have lower energy consumption than other systems, saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Easier to service. HANS’ modular design allows equipment to be taken offline without disrupting the rest of the operation. That saves you time — and money.


Give your grow business the clean water and headache-free equipment operation it needs to thrive. Install a HANS Premium Water system today.