Loan Amount
$25,000 to $50 Million
Repayment Terms
12 to 84 Months
Fast Funding
As Fast as 24 Hours
Max. Loan to Value
100% Financing Including Soft Costs

Fast, Affordable Equipment Financing

Did you know you can finance almost every piece of equipment in your office, shop or in the field? Plus, you can buy the equipment new or used, and from the seller of your choice?

Cash flow is critical to any business, so why waste your cash on hand on renting equipment or drain your bank account on large capital purchases? Financing your equipment allows you to make purchases that fit your budget, while preserving your on-hand capital for day to day operations, opportunities or emergencies.

No matter the size of your business you can leverage equipment financing to spread out payments, trigger tax savings, preserve cash and generate additional revenue. It also helps keep cash flow predictable and allows for investment into other areas of your company like marketing, sales and operations.

We offer a variety of options for equipment financing. Traditional equipment loans and non-conventional equipment leases. Each has it’s benefits, what matters is which one works best for you. We’ll customize the equipment financing solution that makes sense for your business goals.


Finance New & Used Equipment

Our lenders have a wide variety of programs to finance your equipment. Traditional loans, equipment financing agreements (EFA), equipment leases, fair market value leases (FMV), dollar buyouts, walk-a-way financing and more.

Buy From Any Seller in the U.S.

Locate your best deal on the equipment anywhere in the U.S. Purchase from one vendor, multiple vendors or from a private party. While you source your equipment, our lenders will compete to get you the best deal on financing.

Flexible Terms & Repayment Options

Enjoy the flexibility of $0 down payment, deferred payments, 100% financing, step up or down payments, seasonal payments and other options. Spread out the payments over a variety of time frames to craft the perfect repayment plan.

Cost to Apply
Minimum Time in Business
Minimum Credit Score
Maximum Deal Size



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