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Yes, You Can Accept Credit and Debit Cards for Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

Welcome to, my name is Daryl Eames and in 2018 I founded the New Hampshire Cannabis Association. Since that time I’ve been involved in crafting legislation and testifying in front of legislative committees attempting to bring the end to cannabis prohibition to our state.

Why is this important in your search for debit and credit card processing for your cannabis business? Simple, Loanviser was founded in response to how we got treated when searching for essentials services for our Association. Even though we aren’t a cannabis company, we got treated just like one.

This made me so furious I founded Loanviser. Initially we served cannabis companies in their search for financing, but once clients realized we are a trusted and transparent resource they quickly started asking for help with other essential services like merchant processing.

As a result, we’ve put together a network of vetted debit and credit card processing partners to provide you with the payment processing services you need. We have multiple options all in one place that serve the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries that will save you a ton of time finding them on your own. Best of all, this service doesn’t cost you a dime!

Multiple Options to for Your Merchant Processing

Our partners have a variety of solutions available…

  • Cashless ATM
  • Pin Debit Processing
  • Credit Card Processing


Credit card processing solutions require that transactions are not sent on the ‘credit card rails’. A variety of solutions from eWallet to Crypto conversion and more are available. We’ll put you in touch with the best providers so you can source the optimal solution for your business.

Compliant Credit Card Processing Solutions

It’s the credit card companies themselves that restrict cannabis transactions from using their ‘rails’ to process a transaction, requiring a workaround using eWallet and other technologies to remain legal and compliant.

Our credit & debit card processing solutions provide your customers with the customary and expected swipe and pay experience, and they are now available to the cannabis industry!

Keep Your Costs Low

From cultivators and extractors to retail dispensaries or delivery services and manufacturers, we’ve got you covered with great programs including low rates, no or low startup costs, no application fee and no contract.

Save even more by transferring some processing fees to your customers utilizing our Cash Discount program. This amazing program can save you tons of money!

Integrate with Your Software & Systems

We have partnered with some of the most innovative companies offering a wide array of merchant processing solutions to canna related industries. Solutions that integrate with most accounting, payment and shopping cart systems including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix and many more!

We Don’t Skimp on Customer Service

Experienced industry representatives provide a higher level of service and focus on only one thing. Getting you the solution that fits your needs quickly and efficiently.

We’ll match you up with the best credit and debit card processing option that will provide top notch service with a range of options so you don’t get inundated with phone calls.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are ready to get your cannabusiness merchant processing solution, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation by filling out our short form now. We are standing by ready to serve!

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Cannabis Credit Card Processing

  • True swipe experience for your customers
  • Avoids the credit card ‘rails’ to stay compliant
  • Cash discount system can save you money

Cannabis Pin Debit Card Processing

  • Exact amount processing
  • Convenient alternative to credit cards
  • Low processing rates save you money

Best Selection of Low Cost Services

  • No up front cost to apply
  • Low transaction & monthly fees
  • Cash discount programs save more

Increase Your Online & In-Store Sales

More payment options means more sales. Including 30% more on average when dispensary customers pay with plastic.

Lower the Possibility of Theft

Less cash on hand reduces the potential for employee theft or criminal robberies creating a safer environment for your business.

Save Money on Setup and Transactions

Many of our partners offer low startup costs and very competitive rates on credit and debit card transactions.



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If you are in need of other services we are happy to provide you with a referral. Let us know what you need below and we'll send you an introduction. (select all that apply)